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Vehicle Sweet Vehicle

Character(s) living out of their motor vehicle

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Maybe you're so poor that you can't afford to rent or purchase a dwelling. Maybe you're Walking the Earth or get Trapped in Another World and having a base of operations isn't feasible. So what do you do? You live out of your vehicle.

Almost any vehicle can do - a simple car, a truck, a van, or even a motorhome!


  • The 1931 Laurel and Hardy short "One Good Turn" has the duo so poor from the Great Depression that they are are living out of their 1911 Ford car at the beginning.

Western Animation
  • The Wild Thornberrys live in their huge motorhome, the Comvee. Justified as they travel the world to film a television show.
  • Kidd Video has the titular band living in a huge hovercraft, the Kiddmobile, as they wander the Flipside dimension.

Real Life
  • Herve Vilechaize was actually living out of his car in Los Angeles prior to landing the role of Nick Nack in The Man with the Golden Gun.

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