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Their Second Home
That one place where all the characters go to discuss life and other things.
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Every character needs a place to go to discuss business, hash out problems, or just hang out. This place is like a second home to these characters - in fact, they may spend more time here than their own homes!

There are several types of Second Home:

Type One: The Local Hangout - an eating/drinking establishment where the characters can unwind, and where their seats are always available.

Type Two: "Step Into My Office" - When a character either doesn't have their own office, or they have a shared workspace such as in a cubicle farm or "bullpen", they need someplace private to conduct business and other things. This space is almost always in their workplace, and frequently someplace unusual, such as a stairwell or restroom.

Type Three: Someplace OTHER than an eating/drinking establishment where the characters frequently hang out. They may also do business here, as long as it's not in their workplace. Can be a room in someone's home, as long as all the characters hang out there, and generally act like they own the place.

Type Four: The Superhero's/Villain's Secret Hideout, where they park their ride, consult their Supercomputer, dress their wounds, etc. It's always someplace unusual, such as a cave or abandoned warehouse, but not an actual room in their home (although it may be accessed from a hidden space in the home).

Compare The Couch. Type Ones should go on the Local Hangout page.


Comic Books

  • Superman's Fortress of Solitude
  • Batman's Batcave
  • The Shadow's Inner Sanctum


  • In Sky High, The Commander and Jetstream's Secret Sanctum, where they kept souvenirs of past battles, "mom's computer" and a pool table.


  • The Bucket, for the City Watch in Discworld.

Live-Action TV

  • The balcony where Alan Shore and Denny Crane went at the end of each episode of Boston Legal to discuss life.
  • The elevator in "NCIS" that Agent Gibbs uses as his private office is a Type Two example.
  • Danny's 2011 Chevy Camaro in the reimagined Hawaii Five-O where he and Steve have their at-least-once-an-episode "carguments" (wherein Danny rants about Steve's complete disregard of protocol and procedure).
  • In That '70s Show, everyone hangs out in Foreman's basement.
  • The aliens on 3rd Rock from the Sun hang out on the roof as a makeshift balcony.
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