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Science is a big field of study, you know. There's room for many a Omnidisciplinary Scientist, Gadgeteer Genius, Science Hero in a given universe, each one rubbing shoulders at the lab table developing the next wave of time-saving the devices and advances.

The Empowered Scientist stands above other researchers by having actual superpowers that aren't the result of tech or devices. Perhaps they were born with an innate power that they wished to study as an adult, or they were the subject/victim/lucky recipient of a Disposable Superhero Maker. Whatever the result may be, these intellectuals are just as comfortable running experiments as they are knocking down bad guys.

Mostly a Superhero Trope, but by no means is it limited to comic books or the like. Note that not just having a super-power and being a scientist doesn't qualify a character for this trope; a character has to have a power or powers not derived from a device, while still being a scientifially-oriented character.

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  • The Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, definitely fits here. He was a forensic scientist before the famous lightning bolt struck a batch of chemicals.
  • Spiderman fits here as well, due to the numerous spider-powers he has had and lost over the years. Before One More Day, Peter Parker even worked as a high-school science teacher.
  • Mr. Fantastic is both a Rubber Man and a brilliant Omnidisciplinary Scientist; nowadays, he's known more for his scientific acumen than for his ability to stretch and bend.
  • The Hulk was a mild-mannered researcher before the infamous gamma radiation burst that turned him into the mean green monstrosity we all know and love today.
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