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Conversational Navigation Device
A navigation device that is more conversational than normal
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Previously: Talking GPS Commercials, Talking GPS Device

We all know that a GPS is simply a electronic map that may or may not parrot speech, Or Is IT? For merchandising purposes rule of cool those quirky little devices can scale any where from Instant A.I., Just Add Water to Automated Automobiles.


  • Jared's jewelers had one commercial were the GPS demand the necklace from the hapless owner while spoofing Hal 9000. It's also able to lock the doors and when the driver asks to be let out, it replies, "I'm sorry. I can't do that, Dave."
  • One commercial had a guy try to start a relation ship with a TomTom (we are pretty sure he thought it was feminine at the time)
  • Another commercial had the (male) driver call his wife from the car, and when his (female-voiced) GPS gave him directions his wife thought he had another woman with him.
  • There's a Bridgestone Tire commercial involving an old couple where the GPS gives directions like this:
    Punch it.
    Dramatic right turn now.
    [as the car nears a cliff edge] Stand on the brakes. [Car stops, couple shares dramatic cinematic kiss].
  • There's an actual Garmin GPS system that navigates in Spongebob Squarepants' voice.
    • Apparently they are adding other celebrity voices to the mix like Homer.
  • Another had the female voiced GPS have a very bad day.
    Don't walk away from me.
  • There was also an advertisement where the talking GPS was some dude trapped in the trunk with a map.

Live-Action Television
  • Doctor Who had gps device that killed people that knew about its alien origins. It did it by directing people to deadly place and disable or take control of car.

  • In a Radio 4 play called At The Next Left (I think) a GPS system took issue with it's/her owner's adultery, talking about it, leading him back home when he was supposed to going to his mistress, (he was thinking about the situation and not paying attention) and finally telling his wife about the affair when she borrowed the car.

Web Original
  • There's a Cracked article where it turns out that Bill Kurtis has used his connections to become the GPS voice and thus arrange a perfect series of murders.
  • This video was made as a appeal for a BRIAN BLESSED GPS voice, and features a couple in a Smart car taking direction from a GPS with his bombastic style. At the end, it revealed that it's actually the man himself, having squashed himself into the back seat.
    • Of course, the BRIAN BLESSED GPS campaign was successful. Tom Tom are adding more voices on a regular basis.

Western Animation

Do We Need It? maybe not but still gathering examples.

Also there is no need for paranoia.

perhaps a rename is in order? Talking GPS Gag?

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