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Encyclopedia Of The Supernatural
A source of information and answers on the supernatural.
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A book, entity or some object the main characters regularly consult for information on the supernatural. Used to identify the Monster of the Week, identifying spells, making potions, etc... This thing is the character's source of answers for any question he might have on the supernatural.

The book may or may not treat the subject as a Fantastic Science.

May overlap with Great Big Book of Everything.

See also Monster Compendium, which applies to videogames but generally won't tell you about something until you've encountered it firsthand. Compare Tomes of Prophecy and Fate, which can be a book on every event past and to happen. Contrast Akashic Records, which is where the compendium itself is supernatural in origin but contains records of the mundane (as well as the supernatural).


  • Bob the Skull from The Dresden Files.
  • John Winchester's Journal in the earlier seasons of Supernatural. Later seasons have Bobby fill this role. Or just the internet.
  • Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer had Demons, Demons, Demons, your one-stop demon database.
  • The Book of Shadows in Charmed.
  • Grimm has the journals passed down in the Grimm family. They include detailed illustrations so future generations of Grimms can identify monsters they encounter and what their weak spots are.
  • The Ghostbusters consulted Tobin's Spirit Guide, both in the films and the cartoon.
  • One of these becomes a plot point in an episode of GeGeGe no Kitaro (80s version) when it turns out the encyclopedia of yokai some kids have doesn't contain the Monster of the Week and it goes on a rampage in revenge for being left out.
  • The Martin Mystery cartoon has the Legendex.
  • The Last Apprentice series, we have the Spooks' Bestiary, and mages/withces Grimoires.
  • Yues artifact in Mahou Sensei Negima!. It uncovers most of the information needed by the user.
  • The Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You from The Spiderwick Chronicles.
  • Deadlands has the Rangers' Bible.
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