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Moral Sociopathy
[[KnightTemplar Thinks s/he is doing the right thing]], [[LackOfEmpathy but doesn't care about you]].
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Sociopaths are essencially the human version of Always Chaotic Evil in media. Since we consider morality to be good, they are naturally depicted as amoral and selfish.

While it is somewhat Truth in Television, sociopaths are still human, and it's not unnatural that sociopaths have a sense of right and wrong, even though it is completly different from what other people consider that to be. Many diagnosed sociopaths are known to have moral codes, either unique to them or already established.

Naturally, since these types of morality focus more on abstract concepts rather than the people themselves, expect some rather nasty extremism.

This is not to be confused with ‹bermensch. Moral sociopaths can have their own unique moral codes, but they are just as likely to adhere to already established things like Christianity and Communism.


Anime and Manga
  • Kimblee is perhaps the most iconic example in anime. While he is an Ax-Crazy Mad Bomber, it is well established that he does have a sense of honour, although a rather twisted one.



Tabletop Games

  • Kore from Goblins. He does sincerely believe he is doing the right thing by mercilessly slaughtering everyone that has been in contact with "evil races", even children of his own species that were with said "evil races".

Real Life
  • Countless religious extremists. No specific examples are needed, because chances are that you have crossed with someone like this on your life time.
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