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anti- (prefix) against, opposite of, counteracting...
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It's me against the world, or as close as you can get with out ruining a Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

1. Against, hostile to: An individual or group that will rage against culture, ideas, or even a concept to the point where they view that everything is against them (even themselves).

2. Opposite of, reverse: A defense that is designed to let nothing through, no matter what the weapon, and actually works.

3. Counteracting, neutralizing: An offence that nothing seems to stop or even slow down.

Can lead to Apocalypse How if a combination of any of these happen.

Video Games
  • Universe at War: The Masari have the Peacebringer. Possibly a reference to the Mammoth Tank, it's slow, but can crush smaller vehicles, is extremely powerful and durable, and its main gun can fire at air units, pretty much making it an anti everything that moves unit. It can get an extra bit of firepower if its tractor beam, which normally just slows units down, gets upgraded to a disintegrater, which deal damage to a target every second.
  • In Scene 3 of the musical, Let 'Em Eat Cake, the malcontent and revolutionary Kruger proclaims his agenda is anti-everything.
    Down with everything that's up!
Literature Music
  • Song "Psychosis" by "Poets Of The Fall" from album "Revolution Roulette".
    And I see that it makes me anti everything
    And I see that it makes me want to shed my skin, shed my skin
  • The song "Cheap Entertainment" by rapper Sole has this line:
    I'm not "anti" anything, I'm anti-everything, it fits better
  • Played for Laughs in " F*** Everything" by Jon La Joie.
Real Life
  • Infantry Squares are an Anti-Cavalry tactic. Their ancestors, the pike and various shield wall formations (the most famous being the Greek phalanx) were more anti everything up front. Though pikes are better optimized for stopping cavalry then the shield formation, which has its advantages against projectile weapons.
  • This nice little toy has no need to be accurate, not with that amount of bullet storm.
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