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Step One: Escape
An Adventure Game protagonist's very first task is to find a way out of the room they're in.
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When you first gain control of an Adventure Game protagonist, they've got a task to do. Many times that task is to get out of the room they're in. The difficulty of this task can vary; sometimes it's as simple as opening a forgotten window, while other times it requires several minutes of fussing with items. Sometimes this task can serve as a Justified Tutorial to the mechanics of the game.

Note that for it to qualify as an example of this trope, the task of getting out of that particular room must be the first task of the game, but not the entire game (there's a whole genre for games about escaping rooms). Also, being confined to a single room but not having the task of escaping is not this trope.

Depending on why and how the protagonist is trapped in the first place, can overlap with In Medias Res and/or You Wake Up in a Room.


  • Flight of the Amazon Queen begins with Joe's rival locking him in a hotel room. He has to get out by moving some sheets aside to reveal a laundry chute and sliding down.
  • Every Riddle School game. (Except for RS4, but that was a special case.)
  • Adventure-game-slash-platformer Inquisitive Dave starts with the titular protagonist locked in a two-screen prison cell.
  • Escape from Rungistan, an old Apple II game. You started off in a prison cell and had to escape from it before continuing with the game.
  • Played with in the Adam Cadre game Lock & Key: You start in a prison cell, and can't continue until you've figured out how to escape. When you do, it turns out you're a security expert who's been hired to test the prison's security, and the rest of the game is about making it properly escape-proof.
  • Alice Is Dead: You start Part One at the bottom of a deep pit, which you need to escape from to progress. Part Two begins with you in a locked room that you need to escape from. (Part Three, for variety, is about having to break into various locked places.)
  • The first puzzle of Thy Dungeonman 2 is to escape from a prison cell. The solution is to open the cell door.
    • Thy Dungeonman 3 begins similarly, although the method of escape is a bit more complicated this time.
  • All three episodes of Hector: Badge of Carnage start like this with Hector trapped or locked in and having to escape to start the main plot. He has to escape out of a prison cell, a partially collapsed building and finally from a Death Trap septic tank.
  • The second SPY Fox game begins with the titular hero cornered by Mooks in a ski lodge.
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