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Fictional Character Non Fictional Relative
A fictional character is closely related to a real life person.
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A fictional character is revealed to be related to someone non-fictional and famous. Sometimes this is supposedly a distant ancestor - for instance Alice reveals she is the great, great, great, great grand daughter of Napoleon - while at other times the relationship is much closer in terms of blood and if that non fictional celebrity is still alive they might actually turn up as a guest star playing themselves.


Live-Action TV
  • Rome implies very strongly that Ptolemy XV (Caesarion), in real life the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra was actually fathered by the fictional Titus Pullo.
  • In the first series of Blackadder the main character is the son of the historic Richard, Duke of York.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons has used this a few times; notably Krusty the Clown is half brothers with Luke Perry and Mr. Burns is the natural brother of George Burns.
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