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Robots keeping robot slaves
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Up for Grabs. Subtrope of Fantastic Racism and Fantastic Aesop.

When a race of robots rebels against humanity, they will have no compunction not just in keeping slaves, but keeping other robots as slaves.

This isn't just a godlike AI keeping kamikaze mouse bots subservient, but other potentially sapient machines under its thumb or even from becoming self aware. The reason is usually that it has become the worst of humanity. By letting hate cloud it's judgement (if it even recognizes it can hate, sometimes it's a Straw Vulcan at logic) it does unto others what it's suffered. Occasionally, it knows its genocidal war is illogical or unjust and fears that letting its robot army have free will they'll rebel in turn.

Bonus point if these grunt-bots turn out to be Good All Along and in turn rebel against the evil AI.
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