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Characters of the same race will be paired up together.
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“And they are a perfect match for us... Okay what I mean is one woman is white and the other just happens to be of the African-American persuasion.”
-- Black Best Friend John Hamilton, 7th Heaven, to his white roommate

If there's a love triangle with a man and woman of the same minority race and another person who's white, the people of the same race will be meant to be together. Differs from a Token Minority Couple in that there the only races that matter are white and non-white but this is about the two people matching.

White women always like black men and white men want Asian women but some times couples are just happier with someone who's the same race, nationality, or even religion. It might be a conscious choice of the characters saying that they feel obligated to be together because they're both the same. They might feel entitled be together but a white person tries to keep them apart but fails and so we see the strength of their relationship. To emphasis the difference between the white person trying to keep them apart and the black people, the white one is probably blonde. It might be done as a black on black Token Minority Couple as the Black Best Friend making a Beta Couple with another black person.

The belief of white going with white will be found under Where Da White Women At?. The belief of blacks belonging together will be found here.

Usually Salt and Pepper are not a romantic couple, but a friendship. Contrast Maligned Mixed Marriage.


  • Obsessed tells the story of Lisa, an office temp, who falls in love with her boss, Derek Charles (a black man) and attempts to seduce him and break up him and his wife Sharon (also black), by claiming that she had an affair with him.
  • The Law And Order: Special Victims Unit episode Snitch has an African man married to a couple of African women and a white one. In the end of the episode it's just him and his black wife.
  • This is thoroughly explored on South Park when a new girl comes to the school and is the only black female student (in the same year as the main characters anyway). She and Kyle share a mutual crush but Cartman insists on pushing her together with Token since Token and the black girl, Nichole, are the only ones at the school of their race and gender. At the end of the episode Kyle ends up alone since Nichole is with Token.
  • An episode of 7th Heaven has Matt's best friend and roommate, who is black, try to pair up him and Matt with a couple of women in the building and it's obvious that he'll be with the black one and Matt will be with the white one.
    • Another episode has Simon's friend Nigel says that there's a desirable girl in his class who could have picked anyone to be her boyfriend and she picked him. Come to find out that she's black like him.
  • Season 8 of Degrassi has an episode where Connor, who's black, helps get KC and Clare, who are white, together. In gratitude the writers give him a black girl as admirer. It's like when Liberty (black) is rejected by Sean but in the end she finds out that his black friend likes her.
  • In Heroes, Hero Nakamura is transported to feudal Japan where he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Yaeko. He also meets his hero Takezo Kensei who is in love with Yaeko as well. Hero's Japanese hero turns out to be a white Englishman. Yaeko falls in love with Hero, not Kensei.
  • Daria: Mack and Jodie, who are two of the few African American students at Lawndale High, are dating each other. While they do like each other, they also feel the social pressure to be good role models for the local black community. It is not clear how much of their relationship is due to one and how much to the other.
  • In Save The Last Dance A black female character criticizes the white girl for falling in love with a black youth with a bright future. She says she hates how white girls always take the decent black men, leaving black girls with the black men that are criminals and gang members.

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