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The X Express
Trains have the word Express in the name (trivia)
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So you have a Cool Train, but you want to name it something. How about somehing with "Express" on it?

Writers seem to add that word to the names of trains a lot. Maybe it's cool, Maybe i's more train-like.

Note that in Real Life the term "Express" is used to denote trains that do not stop at every station on it's route. It can also mean Point of No Return.

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Anime and Manga

  • Starlight Express has not only the eponymous train, but the Intercontinental Express and the Trans-Siberian Express.
  • Horror Express takes place on the Trans-Siberian express.


Live-Action TV
  • Laverne and Shirley had an episode where the two protagonist went on the the Moosejaw Express. (they're going to Canada) and a murder takes place on the train.

Video Games

Western Animation
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