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That small town CONSPIRACY

Small town population-- 10; conspiracy members-- 8.5 - Who will break?

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In virtually all northern CA towns, usually visited as fishing retreats for say, Barnaby Jones or Cannon, an unlikely conspiracy congeals between VERY dissimilar types, who have only in common their remote geography and susceptibility to a persuasive argument that this "secret" / crime / suitcase full of money / bismuth mine should be protected from discovery for the "good of the town." Usually involves a town bigwig, a failing business owner, a gossipy widow, and somehow, the world's stupidest diesel mechanic named Alvin. Sooner or later, what started out as merely "keeping a secret" becomes criminal enterprise and/or murder, and usually of someone the TV Detective is VERY CLOSE personal friends with. Any of the co-conspirators COULD be weak links, and the mystery is not "will the conspiracy hold," but "which conspirator will be the one to wet the diaper first." A sub-category is the "repentant weak link" who not only disengages from the town-wide conspiracy, but actively assists the detective / police in discovery / arrest / prosecution of the other conspirators. In this context, the one who assists in the conspiracy's demise is frequently the son-in-law, foundling switched at birth, etc., of the 1.5 members of the town who WEREN'T part of the conspiracy.
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