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Stay In The Car
I Thought I Told You To Stay in the Car
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It's NEVER SAFE in the car.

A form of Wait Here in which The Hero as a Tagalong Kid or The Chick with them. Usually found in the Action/Crime genre. Usually the Tagalong will get worried/bored and leave the car. Alternatively they may steal said car and crash it into the bad guy or through a wall And when confronted by their superiors will point out that they did stay in the car . May lead to Accidental Kidnapping.

  • In Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon tells Anikin to stay inside the fighter cockpit. Anikin is an experienced pilot despite being 10 years old, so naturally....
  • The Dark Knight Returns: Batman tells the new Robin (a Tagalong Kid who has Jumped At The Call) to stay in the Batcopter, and don't touch anything. She's a computer whiz, so not only does she touch stuff she reprograms the voice activation to respond only to her Future Slang rather than Batman's normal English.

Live Action TV
  • In Alphas, Gary is told to stay in the car. It works fine until the cops tell him he can't park there and he gets arrested.
  • In NCIS, when Palmer goes with Gibbs and the field agents to hunt a criminal. Gibbs tells him to stay in the car, so he t-bones the guy when he tries to get away.
  • Chuck does this so many times by the beginning of Season 2 he provides the page quote.
  • Happen so much in Castle that in the very first episode Beckett had to handcuff him to the car. It didn't work.

Western Animation
  • Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures loves this one.
  • Jonny Quest: The eponymous kid, Jonny never did what he was told. Ever.
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