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Piggybacking On Hitler
The bad guy joins Hitler purely to use Nazi resources/manpower for his own schemes
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A villain joins the Nazis during World War II, impresses Hitler enough to get his own squadron/unit, then uses these resources for his own gain. Often sees Hitler as just another obstacle to overcome later. This trope also works if you substitute Hitler/Nazis with any other historical dictator (Stalin, Kim Jong Il, Pol Pot etc), but those examples are less prevalent.

Compare/contrast with Dragon with an Agenda, here you don't need to be The Dragon, and with this trope you get an instantly recogniseable yardstick of evil for the villain to compare to and steal funds from.


  • Indiana Jones films like this trope. First Belloq in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, then Walter Donovan in Last Crusade.
  • In the latest Captain America movie, the Red Skull (Johann Schmidt) sets up Hydra like this.
  • Sebastian Shaw in X-Men First Class. He was just there to experiment on captive mutants.
  • Rasputin in the Hellboy film.
  • Herr Kleiser in The Ultimates. He was Captain America's chief nemesis during the second world war, but was actually an alien known as a Chitauri (aka a Skrull) that ate the real Kleiser and impersonated him, backing Hitler by giving the Nazis advanced weaponry. Really, this was just a scheme to soften the Earth up for a full-scale invasion.
  • In the Star Trek: Enterprise 2-part episode "Storm Front", a race from the 29th century find themselves back in time on 20th century Earth, during World War 2. They side with the Nazis, offering to build advanced weapons in exchange for the resources they need to build a time machine.
  • In the Justice League 3-part episode "The Savage Time", the immortal Vandal Savage in the present builds a time machine and sends a laptop back to himself during World War 2, containing future history and schematics for technology. Vandal then joins the Nazis and rapidly rises through the ranks until he usurps Hitler himself, becoming the new Fuehrer. He didn't really care about Nazi ideals, he just wanted to use them to conquer the world for himself.
  • In the Red5 comic book series Atomic Robo, Robo's (arguably) arch nemesis Baron Von Helsingard uses this trope to try and gain ultimate power, and gains quite a following in the process.
    • And later in the series, two leading members of Hitler's Weird Science division are revealed to be secretly working for the cloned brain of Helsingard all along.
  • Dean Koontz's Frankenstein novels have this as part of Victor Helios's (aka. Victor Frankenstein's) backstory.

Examples Involving Other Dictators

  • In the alternate history timeline of Command And Conquer: Red Alert, Kane and his Brotherhood of Nod are using Stalin's Soviet Union to get to power.
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