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Ratings slacking? Have your two female leads kiss each other! Guaranteed to make your ratings go through the roof!
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I'm leaving this one up for grabs, but here's a couple of examples to kick things off:
  • 30Rock: In one episode, Elisa Padriera (Salma Hayek) plants a big one on Liz Lemon; afterwards, Liz seems intrigued by the sudden gesture.
  • Blade The Series: Since the pilot episode, there has been considerable amount of sexual tension between Krista and Chase; finally, in one episode, Chase kisses Krista.
  • Cougar Town: An upcoming new episode features Jules greeting and/or bidding farewell to all of her closest friends (specifically her female friends) with a kiss on the lips, based on the fact that her mother used to do the same thing with her old friends.
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