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Inconsistent Censorship

The censors can't make up their mind what is or isn't appropriate.

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Sometimes the censors will let something pass in one case, but won't allow the same thing in another case, even though there's little to no difference.


  • Sometimes anime dubbing companies will have different standards from the channels their shows air on, so while you couldn't see people using guns on Pokémon on Kids WB, you could see it in Batman: The Animated Series on the same channel.
  • After the UK channel PopGirl started censoring 6teen, they became rather inconsistent when it came to censoring homosexuality or any mention of it. In one episode where two girls mistook Jonesy and Wyatt for a gay couple, they cut the part where the girls mention that, but they left in Jonesy's line "They thought I was gay!" Also they still air the episode where a Gay Cowboy tries to buy Jonesy in a Bachelor Auction, but they won't air the episode where Nikki gets a lesbian as a co-worker or the episode where Jen develops a "girl crush" on her temp boss.
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  • April 28, 2013
    So, like, when censors bleep "ass" but when someone says "asshole" they only bleep "hole" making it sound like the person said "ass"?

    Also, trivia. Also, crosswicking (am i using that word correctly)?
  • April 29, 2013
  • April 29, 2013
    Live Action TV
    • This has become a case with Billy The Exterminator, while certain four-lettered words were never allowed to begin with, and were censored from the beginning, certain words or phrases that were heard in the original airings, such as "ass", "son-of-a-bitch", "hell", and others were later censored in reruns. This could be a case of Executive Meddling; even though Billy the Exterminator is certainly not meant for kids, a lot of parents let their kids watch the show, and complain that Billy and others swear too much.
  • April 29, 2013