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Love Theme

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So your favorite couple is in the middle of a deeply romantic scene. The camera zooms, the lighting is perfect, and the music swells up. Chances are, the music playing is the couple's love theme. May also be designated as such in official soundtracks.

This music can take on several forms, depending on the characters involved, the setting, and the story moment when it is played. If it plays over a deeply romantic scene like a Big Damn Kiss or a Grand Romantic Gesture, it's likely to be an epic, sweeping Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. However, it may also be a Tear Jerker if played over a breakup, a Last Kiss, or when one lover dies in the other's arms. Many themes end up as both a C Mo H and a Tear Jerker at some point. In musical theater, such a theme is likely to show up as Duet Bonding and then repeat instrumentally.

Compare Dance of Romance and Duet Bonding.

Subtrope of Leit Motif.

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  • The Swan Princess has "Far Longer Than Forever" in which Odette and Derek declare their determination to find their way to each other. An instrumental version is used later as Derek dances with her, actually a fake Odette.

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