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Health Loss Means Attack Buff
Taking hits means you hit harder
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Most seen in RP Gs, this trope describes a spell or ability where the character's attack power is increased by the difference between their current and max health. Even a papercut would provide an attack bonus, albeit a small one.

Abilities of this type use mathmatical formulae to determine exactly how much they buff the attack. The calculation might be done at the time the buff is applied or when the attack connects.

Compare Desperation Attack, when an attack can only be triggered when at low health, and Critical Status Buff when an ability is applied when the player loses enough health. Examples:

  • Valiant in Wild ARMs 3 boosts the affected party members attack by the difference between their current and max HP, recalculated at an as of yet undetermined point. The spell wears off after 3 turns normally.
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 4 has Matt's ability Revenge, where not only does his health loss mean the attack gains power, but if any of his team mates are KO'd the attack also increases in strength.

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