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Triple Jointed
A person has joints that are more flexible than normal
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Is This Tropable?? previously Hypermobility Hegemon.
A person with Triple Joints can bend their limbs into strange shapes, sometimes to pure fictional extremes.

sometimes they are robots with joints that do what they do for whatever reason that they do it, Often called a contortionist even if they are not apart of that storied profession, and sometimes featured as a yoga instructor or espionage agent.

Can be considered a Required Secondary Power for a Rubber Man character or Dance Battler.

See also: Abnormal Limb Rotation Range and Head Turned Backwards


  • the DC Comics villain Ragdoll is a contortionist who can shift his body at will; his son Ragdoll III had all his joints surgically replaced so he could emulate his father's ability.



Live-Action TV
  • Mission: Impossible: Eartha Kitt in an episode where she guest starred as an acrobat-contortionist.
  • One CSI villain (possibly the weirdest of them all) was a psychopathic contortionist vigilante. He stalked his victims in a full black rubber suit, which made him look pretty much like Voldo. Also he was flexible enough to fit into a spare tyre compartment in a car...
  • The X-Files: Eugene Tooms can stretch & contort his body to get at his victims through duct-work.

Real Life
  • Less extreme examples are similar to cases of "double jointed" people, also known as hyper-mobility.

Western Animation
  • The Batman: The Ragdoll (see above) guest-stared on at least one episode.
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