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The Kogal Girl
Fashion Obsessed Girl in Loose Socks
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The Kogal is an Always Female stock character in Japanese works. Usually with hair dyed brown or red, loose socks, shortened skirts, and a dark tan. Accessories include platform boots, Hawaiian leis and lots of makeup. They tend to be part of a Gal Posse. Attitude wise, they are laid back, always in the Go Home Club , and are considered mildly delinquent for breaking school uniform rules. Kogals will be considered easy, suspected of participating in Compensated Dating. Due to their lack of interest in school, they may be consider stupid but they are almost always either street smart or Brilliant, but Lazy. Almost always portrayed as fashion loving and consumerist. They speak in distinctive slang, often translated as Valley Girl speak in the US. Stock plots include the kogal with a heart of gold in which the audience sees the Hidden Depths of this seemingly shallow character, the girl who is mistaken for a kogal and deals with bullying based on this, and a girl who disguises herself as a kogal to throw people off. For a US version see Valley Girl


  • SuperGALS- Our three main characters are gals who focus on hanging out rather than studying. One of the girls, Aya, almost is involved in Compensated Dating .
  • Peach Girl - people believe Momo is a kogal because of her dark skin and light hair, but she just has a tan from swimming.
  • Short Cuts a manga by Usamaru Furuya features plenty of kogirl gags from a kogal village with grannies wearing loose socks to more risque gags.
  • In Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi's friend Mei is a dark tanned girl who reads magazines for 'gals in love'. She is a amateur fashion designer, who focuses on love and hobbies more than her summer homework.
  • The manga Flowers and Bees features a Girl Posse of 3 kogals including love interest Sakura Ota, who doesn't tan, but spends her time going to clubs and Love Hotels instead of studying.
  • [[Keroro Gunso Sgt Frog]'s Angol Mois disguises herself as a kogal in human form.
  • IN Skip Beat! Kyoko pretends to be a kogal by using distinctive slang and an airheaded persona so that Sho doesn't figure out that it is her.
  • In ''Nana, Nana K's sister Nami is 'still a ganguro girl' She is tanned and open about sexual matters.
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