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D'aw! What a cute baby! Wait... ma'am, is your baby ticking?

Baby carriages are prime locations for stashing a moving bomb. It's easy to hide a complex explosive in all that swaddling, and you can even drop a baby doll in there to distract onlookers. This trope is most commonly seen with old fashioned baby buggies and commonly involves a baby's cry being recorded an played back.

Related to Wave of Babies

  • Fallout 3 has traps which are constructed out of baby buggies and explode violently after crying for a moment.
  • In Condemned 2 you enter a doll factory, where a bunch of baby dolls crawl towards you. When they get close enough, they pull their own pull strings and wave to you before blowing up. You can disable them and use them as very creepy hand grenades.
  • Used in Monty Python's "The Bishop" sketch duing a baptism. "Don't say the kid's name Vic!"
  • On The Itchy & Scratchy Show Scratchy meets, falls in love with, and marries a female cat literally Made of Explodium by Itchy. They have offspring which are half cat and half bomb, but don't go off. Then as Scratchy & his wife are sitting on their front porch in old age, she finally goes off. (Subverted in that the offspring don't explode.)
  • In The Rock they are searching through a box for dangerous compounds and find a baby doll which sprays acid at them.
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