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No Holds Barred Racing
Nearly (if not entirely) anything goes, in these kinds of races.
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There are no rules in this race, except to stay on the marked course.
- Snively, from Sonic SatAM

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This is for races that are hard to cheat at, simply because there are so many things one would expect to count as cheating do not! Things that would typically count as unacceptable tactics in real-life would in these cases be a part of the race itself. Sometimes you would even get rewarded for it in them!

Can but need not overlap with Blood Sport, since the lack of restrictions against cheating would not necessarily create dangerous forms of competition in and of itself... at the very least, it depends on the setting of the race.

The whole Vehicular Combat genre is a subtrope of this.


Anime and Manga
  • Many examples in the Speed Racer anime.
  • A two-part episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! involves King DeDeDe holding a race like this. Seeing as how he is the one that was holding the race and was competing in it himself as well, it was kind of inevitable that he'd try to sabotage everyone else with his extremely weaponized "monster" car. Of course, Kirby learns to fly his car later, and even later turns into a super fast car tire himself, which would probably break even bigger rules if there were any.

  • Podracing in Star Wars is actually a subversion of this, as a lot of dangerous stunts are considered acceptable in the races. However, Expanded Universe materials imply that there are more rules to the race.
  • The Roman chariot race in Ben Hur might count, as it is fast and dangerous, and they certainly don't act like there are many rules.
  • The Mega Race from Spy Kids 3: Game Over. The race vehicles even come with an assortment of built-in weapons, mostly bizarre stuff like Rocket Punch gloves and pie throwers.
    Toymaker voiceover: "There Are No Rules in this race except—win at any cost!"
  • The Casa Cristo cross-country race in the Film of the Anime Speed Racer.
  • The movie Hidalgo is this trope but with a horse race in the desert.

Truth in Television

Video Games
  • The F-Zero series (especially GX) encourages you to knock your opponents off the racetrack. Instead of getting disqualified for it, you actually get rewarded.
  • The Mario Kart series has you throwing shells at your opponents' karts, though this is likely a parodical example.
  • Death Rally. The black market lets you add spikes, mines, and a rocket booster to your car, and sabotage other people's cars.

Western Animation
  • Sonic Sat AM. The series has a race between Sonic and a robotic cheetah. Robotnik set it up to distract Sonic from a freedom fighter mission, and Robotnik's nephew and main minion Snively, who announced the lack of rules, also programmed the robotic cheetah to do what in a regular race would probably qualify as cheating.
  • Wacky Races

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