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Hand Blasts

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Hand Blasts are a Stock Superpower where the character shoots blasts of energy out of their hands, palms, or fists. "Energy" in this case is a broad term, and can encompass nearly anything: a heat ray, laser bolts, concussive force, whatever. The subject simply points his hand (or finger) at a target, and a bright ray shines forth.

Differs from Ki Attacks in that the Hand Blasts are not tied in to the subject's Life Energy or Mana; the energy source is often either an external power source or some other form of Applied Phlebotinum. Many instances of this trope imply that anyone can fire the Hand Blasts if they simply had the right equipment or circumstance.

Subtrope of Energy Weapon. See also Breath Weapon and Eye Beams.


  • Iron Man's signature attack are his palm-based repulsor beams.
  • Quantum and Woody each have a metal wristband that allows them to shoot energy blasts based on the quantum energy that they've been transformed into. Quantum fires a heat beam while Woody fires beams of force.
  • The Sentinels are Humongous Mecha that typically fire Hand Blasts in their mutant-hunting endeavors.
  • Borderline case: The Scarlet Witch (from The Avengers) channels her superpowers through her hands. Depending on the writer, she isn't able to use her power at all if her hands are tied. Her power isn't exactly energy blasts, but magic, which sometimes looks like an energy blast.
  • Androids 16, 17, and 18 from Dragon Ball had this.
  • The Mighty Strobe in The Specials has this. Amok has something similar, except their source is more random, due to a slight case of power incontinence, meaning they can sometimes come out his dick.
  • Space Ghost uses his power bands to fire stun rays, heat rays and so on.
  • Rusty from Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot.
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