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The murder of a police officer is deathly serious business.
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A staple of the Criminal Procedural when the writers want to create a "This Time It's Personal" episode. Pretty much Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a criminal kills a cop and the dead officer's colleagues have to avenge him. These episodes frequently end with Police Brutality, as cop killing is a rather serious business. When the cops find the cop killer, they don't treat him very well.

No Real Life Examples apart from generalizations, please. We all know this happens in real life; no need to go into specifics.

The inverse of Killer Cop, a cop who is a murderer, although in some cases they overlap.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, a plainclothes officer working the Laughing Man case was killed in what appears to be a car accident. Until Section 9 learns that the accident was engineered by the bad guys in the first season in order to prevent another investigation of the case.
  • Throughout the Bloody Monday manga, several police officers are killed via virus infection or from shootouts by the bad guys.
  • The assassin squad "Orchestra" in Jormungand are notorious as they have killed police officers in their line of work.
  • In Jiraishin, it happens a lot with police officers being killed by determined criminals and assassins. The following are examples of police officers being targeted directly as the main plot in various story arcs.
    • Kyoya Iida's first partner, Tsuyoshi Yamaki, is shot to death by an illegal immigrant from China as he tried to stop an assassination attempt at a local bar.
    • Lin Fei, the wife on Taiwanese criminal Fan Tiamin, recruits a Taiwanese hitman to assassinate police officers throughout the Greater Tokyo Area until the Tokyo Metropolitan Police agrees to send the corpse of her sister back to Taipei instead of having it buried in Tokyo since it's against their Taoist beliefs.
    • Narita was gunned down by a hired assassin named Kei Amami near the end of the manga after she received a heart transplant from his deceased daughter. This began to conflict with her mental health that Kei decided to kill those who were close to her to end the "mental torment".

    Comic Books 
  • Wrath is an Evil Counterpart of Batman who specialises in murdering law enforcement officials.
  • Sin City: Dwight kills his ex's abusive ex-boyfriend, realizing too late that he's actually a cop. If the body is found, the fragile truce between the corrupt cops and the Band of Brothels will be broken in the cops' favor, so they need to disfigure and get rid of it.

  • L.A. Confidential: An ex-cop is killed at a diner massacre. When the suspects are brought to a holding cell, things eventually fall apart and the cops beat the hell out of them.
  • The Joker is a cop killer in The Dark Knight. He uses the anger that causes the police force to his advantage.
  • In The Fugitive, Richard Kimble is believed to have killed a Chicago policeman (actually it was the one-armed man). U.S. Marshal Gerard knows that he has to get to Kimble before the Chicago cops do because they will be shooting to kill.
  • The gangsters in Reservoir Dogs kill several police officers during the heist. At the very end of the movie during Mr. Pink's arrest (which can be faintly overheard), the cops angrily yell at him if he's a cop killer after shooting him.
  • The villain's plot in Scanner Cop is to brainwash random people to murder Los Angeles police officers, which he is doing out of revenge for being sent to prison previously.
  • A variation in Prizzi's Honor. while the police are normally totally in the pocket of the mafia, after a policeman's wife is killed during a hit, they call off their special arrangement until the killer is turned in or killed.
  • In The Godfather Michael Corleone has to hide out in Sicily for years to escape retribution for killing a corrupt police captain who was in the pocket of another family.
  • Terminator Salvation starts with the execution of Marcus Wright. We find out quickly that he killed a cop. Supplemental materials enlighten that it was the final result of a drug-fueled Plethora of Mistakes that also took Marcus' brother (the police killed him, Marcus fired back). Even After the End and being reborn by Unwilling Roboticisation, Wright feels he's so past the Moral Event Horizon he deserves whatever he gets.
  • Running Scared (1986): Early in the movie a cop is killed by being thrown off a building. Later the protagonists (police detectives Hughes and Costanza) find out that the Big Bad Julio Gonzalez had him murdered, and they go after him.
  • Lethal Weapon 2: The South African government drug dealers assassinate several LAPD police officers to make them back off their investigation. Of course this just makes Riggs and Murtaugh more determined to defeat them. Riggs kills the assassin who killed them, and Murtaugh murders the government official who ordered the hit.
  • In the Steven Seagal B-movie Urban Justice a vice squad detective is murdered on duty. The department is massively corrupt so his special forces-trained father takes the law into his own hands, up to and including killing the Dirty Cop who pulled the trigger barehanded.
  • The Elite Squad: When a bunch of crooks mortally wound an off-duty member of the BOPE (the Brazilian equivalent of SWAT and quite the Badass Army), they have a massive Oh Crap! moment and rush him to the hospital (where he dies anyway). Captain Nascimiento, the Memetic Badass Obi Wan/narrator mentions that the crooks are clever to be afraid, because BOPE's reaction to such a death would be a no-holds-barred manhunt... which happens on the third act of the movie, with tortures galore.
  • In New Police Story, Chan Kwok Wing hunts down a group of heavily armed robbers who don't give a second thought about gunning down police officers. The main bad guy, Joe, is motivated to do this because he was physically abused as a child by his police officer father, who had gained a high-ranking position by the time the movie begins.

  • Discworld has Carcer from Night Watch. He's killed several cops over the course of his career, including at least one who bumped into him by chance while off-duty and didn't even recognize him.
  • Cop Killer is the title of one of the early 87th Precinct novels. Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • In Death series: This has happened a few times, and when it does, you can bet that this a considered a Moral Event Horizon for the cops at least and maybe the reader. This happened in books like Ceremony In Death, Survivor In Death, Judgment In Death, Treachery In Death and New York To Dallas.
  • A variation in Prizzi's Honor: While the police are normally totally in the pocket of the mafia, after a policeman's wife is killed during a hit, they call off their special arrangement until the killer is turned in or killed.
  • In the Savannah Reid mysteries, the bad guy in Cooked Goose is a cop killer and a Killer Cop.
  • In the Shadowrun novel Lone Wolf, deep-cover gang investigator Wolf Larson is listed as a Cop Killer as part of his cover identity, to enhance his credibility with the Cutters street gang he's infiltrated. This backfires when he loses contact with his handler and needs to get word to authorities quickly, as he's afraid any other cop he contacts may retaliate against him as soon as they look up his "criminal history".
  • They Talked To A Stranger, an "only the names have been changed to protect the innocent" set of case studies of juvenile delinquents of the 1950s. The first case discussed is of "Moustache", who killed an officer while escaping custody. The police were sympathetic to his situation (Moustache was a non-violent offender whose crime was the result of a string of poor decisions bad luck on both his and the officer's part) but that didn't stop them from pulling out all the stops to capture him. He was scheduled to be released sometime in the 1980s, with good behavior.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In CSI there are a few notable examples.
    • The Red Shirt who gets killed when Warrick leaves her alone at a crime scene in the pilot.
    • A random officer who's killed outside a burger another cop who claims it was an accident, but might have had a grudge ( it was dark and said cop was losing his vision).
    • Warrick Brown was killed at the end of a later season by The Undersheriff.
  • Due South begins with the murder of a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman in the wilderness of the Northwest Territories. The plot of the pilot episode centers around his son, Benton Fraser (also a Mountie) , teaming up with a Chicago detective to track down the killer after he crosses the border into the United States. It turns out the killer was hired by another Mountie, a close friend of the Frasers, no less.
  • Blue Bloods:
    • In "Officer Down" a patrol officer is mortally wounded when she blunders into the path of mafia-affiliated diamond thieves while coming back from lunch. The Mafia itself joins in hunting them down, because cop killers put the whole department on edge and make life difficult. Grandpa Henry Reagan remarks that when he was on the force the mafia even had explicit rules that, outside of certain circumstances, cops were off-limits. The killer gets cornered, tries to shoot his way out, and is hosed down with lead by several detectives and an ESU team.
    • In "The Bitter End" Jamie Reagan and his partner Vinny Cruz are lured into a housing project by a Latino gang with a beef against the NYPD. It's an ambush, and Vinny is fatally shot. End of the next episode, what seems like half the NYPD storms the place and makes over 40 arrests on various charges, including Vinny's murder.
  • From the 1960s Dragnet series:
    • Discussed in one episode. While appearing on a talk show Joe Friday explains to a TV audience that the reason cop killers get such a heavy response from the department isn't just because it's their friend. To paraphrase, if someone's willing to kill a cop, would they hesitate to kill a civilian?
    • In another episode two officers, a rookie and his training officer, are shot apprehending bank robbers, one of whom escapes. The older officer dies shortly after coming out of surgery and, according to the end of the episode, the captured robber was sentenced to death.
  • Criminal Minds has a number of unsubs who've killed cops. The most notable was one in the episode "Brothers in Arms" with an unsub that targets policemen. In another episode, there was a cop-killing unsub who turned out to be a cop himself.
  • The Mentalist had a Serial Killer who targeted police officers as the focus of the episode "Red Moon".
  • In the last few minutes of The Shield's pilot episode, Strike Team newcomer Terry Crowley gets shot in the head by none other than Vic Mackey.
  • Homicide Life On The Street did this at least twice, with the same twist both times: the cop killer is himself killed shortly afterward, and the unlucky detective assigned to the case finds that nobody cares about justice for a dead cop killer.
    • "End Game" has a racist Smug Snake (played by Steve Buscemi) get away with cop killing and practically brag about it — only to be shot dead in the last few minutes. In the follow up, "Law and Disorder," the detective assigned to solve Buscemi's murder has to admit defeat because no cop will help him.
    • In the "Justice" two-parter, a cop killer is acquitted in court and murdered shortly thereafter. The dead cop's son (played by Bruce Campbell) is suspect number one, but nobody can figure out the evidence trail until one of the detectives casually mentions that Campbell owns a derringer. Da Chief explains that when he was a junior policeman, the Baltimore police always executed cop killers without trial, and usually did it with a derringer (which was easy to dispose of, and couldn't be traced back to the department).
  • In Almost Human, InSyndicate assassinates Detective Vogel of the LAPD by using a biological WMD with another officer killed with the same weapon during their attack on their precient in the pilot episode.
  • On Copper a rookie police officer is stabbed to death and the other cops tear though the Five Points neighborhood looking for the iller. When they have no success, the local ward boss, an ex-copper himself, orders the closing of all the local pubs until the killer is found. In a neighborhood populated by Irish immigrants this is extremely Serious Business. The killing was actually a gang initiation intended to make sure that the new member would never dare inform on the gang to the police.
  • CSI: NY:
    • One example is Flack's Love Interest, Angell, who's shot in the season 5 finale while protecting a Donald Trump/Rupert Murdoch expy's son (who was due to testify against him; the killers turn out to be kidnappers, who knew this would put immediate suspicion on their target's father). The episode also ends with the bar they're holding a wake for her in being shot up in a drive-by. Nobody's killed (although Danny ends up in a wheelchair for a while), but it fits the trope in spirit.
    • Aiden also counts, despite no longer being on the team. They were dead set on finding the perp and Danny was willing to beat up the guy he thought did it. Mac's speech in the beginning has a double meaning. He's talking about the dead Marine, being one himself, but it clearly shows with Aiden too. " You attack one, you attack us all.".
    • Mac himself was a variant in the season 8 finale, having been shot In the Back after stumbling into a drug store robbery while off-duty. He only nearly died, but the NYPD's reaction was largely the same as in a straight example.
  • In The Blacklist, the FBI gets into this part when they face off against heavily armed criminals and terrorists, resulting in their deaths.
  • Happens throughout the 24 TV series when local police officers alongside CTU officers are killed by armed terrorists or criminals, serving as Red Shirts.
  • In Tiger Cubs, Senior Inspector Chin Hon-to has to calm his subordinates in the SDU when To Tin-yu and his girlfriend, Yiu Mei-ling, killed one of their own for ruining the latter's face. Inspector Chin reminds his men that if they acts as vigilantes and go after them by themselves instead of using the law, then they'll be nothing more than just a bunch of rogue cops acting outside the law.
  • Person of Interest:
    • After the Dirty Cop organization HR fails at attempting to frame Detective Szymanski as a Dirty Cop in order to curry favor with The Mafiya, their leader, mayor's aide Alonzo Quinn, resorts to shooting both Szymanski and the DA trying the case. Quinn later sics HR on his own godson Detective Beecher after the latter asks the wrong questions about the Szymanski murder.
    • "The Crossing" and "The Devil's Share" form a two-parter with multiple examples.
      • A flashback in "The Devil's Share" shows Fusco unburdening himself to a police shrink that his first on-the-job kill wasn't a good shoot. He had hunted down and murdered a drug dealer who had killed an off-duty rookie and gotten off scot free.
      • At the end of "The Crossing" now-wanted HR member Simmons kills Detective Carter. The next episode there's a city-wide manhunt for him. Unfortunately for Simmons, Team Machine are also looking for him, and Reese in particular isn't inclined to be merciful. After the rest of the team stops Reese, Fusco tracks down Simmons himself and arrests him, openly refusing to kill him in Carter's memory. The Don Carl Elias is not so scrupulous and has him killed in the hospital because he liked Carter.

  • The Dragnet radio series had an episode where Friday gives the same speech as in the '60s TV series above about why police go after cop killers so hard. It may have adapted the same case.

    Video Games 
  • L.A. Noire. Various side missions feature cop killers.
  • Condemned Criminal Origins has the mass murder the player is following kill two cops at the start.
  • Street Fighter: M. Bison is responsible for murdering Chun Li's father, who was a member of Interpol.
  • In the first Max Payne game, the titular protagonist's real problems start not when he loses his family but when he is framed for murder of his fellow DEA agent. Gangsters in this game are cannon fodder that die in droves, but one dead officer is serious.
  • In the first Mass Effect, one of the missions on Noveria has you fight through the facility's security force to retrieve incriminating evidence on the corrupt boss of the place. On the way out, you run into the irate sergeant, herself going behind her captain's back, who says, "You know what they do to cop killers on my world?" If Wrex is present, he retorts, "You know what they do to corrupt cops on mine?"

    Real Life 
  • In real life knowingly killing a police officer qualifies one for the death penalty in all states with one in use. That's if the cops don't (justifiably given you have demonstrated a will and means to kill them) kill you before you can be arrested.

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