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Finale Countdown
Measuring how long until an inevitable occurrence will end the plot.
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Often seen in Animé, this refers to how, just before the credits roll, a measuring scale of some description leading up to a major plot event will be marked. Generally, the event in question is something that is bound to happen, and is significant enough to herald the end of the plot (and, subsequentially, the show) when it eventually occurs. Of course, this isn't specific to Animé, and can even occur in non-series-based media; this trope is in effect so long as the audience is given some kind of indication as to the progress before an inevitable occurrence. Related to Race Against the Clock.


Anime and Manga
  • Used in Mahoromatic to count down the amount of time Mahoro has left until her power supply runs out.
  • Used and inverted in He Is My Master; the end of each episode marks how much Izumi has to pay until she clears her sizeable debt to Yoshitaka... but also accounts for the damage caused to Yoshitaka's possessions incurred during the episode (usually by her), which then gets added on, increasing her total debt since the previous time.

  • This periodically occurred in The Guns of Navarone. The team has six days to complete its mission. Every so often, the current day and time of the mission would be shown on the screen. At the end of the sixth day the destroyers carrying the troops from Kheros would come through the Navarone channel and if the title guns hadn't been destroyed yet, the ships would be sunk.

Live Action TV
  • US TV shows will sometimes do this during their On the Next segment. "Only four more episodes until the season/series finale" and such.

Video Games
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