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Song of Passing
Fast-forwards the in-game clock to a more convenient time
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"Did you try to play the Sun's Song? Like I told you before, with that song, you can turn day to night or night to day whenever you want."

When an In-Universe Game Clock forces the player to wait for several hours minutes in the game to progress to the next task, you're going to have angry gamers. How do you solve this issue? Add a time skip device! One use and the wait time will pass in an instant!

Frequently a spell or a song, the player needs only to punch in a sequence or click on the designated object and the clock will skip ahead (or sometimes, even backwards) in increments that are convenient to time-oriented missions. Sometimes RPGs may offer your party a "rest" or "sleep" command which allows you to fast-forward the game clock (and regenerate some HP in the process). This is often a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation, since time usually doesn't pass in any other sense.

Often accompanied by Spinning Clock Hands. Compare Warp Whistle and Sprint Shoes for passing over pointless space. Related to Time Passes Montage. A subtrope of Anti-Frustration Features.


  • This mechanic is used frequently in The Legend of Zelda series:
  • Ōkami features brush techniques to bring day and night. The technique to call the sun is learned in the first hour of gameplay, the one to call the moon is learned only after about a dozen hours of gameplay.
  • The Breath of Fire series gives the main character a spell to do this.
  • Quest for Glory allows you to rest your Hero in intervals from 10-60 game minutes, or "until morning" (in the first game, this could easily trigger Have a Nice Death on the assumption that some monster killed you while you slept).
  • In Seiken Densetsu 3, if you stop at a Trauma Inn during the day, you have the option to be awakened in the evening or next morning, though this is rarely a concern for progressing through the Story Arc.
  • Dragon Quest features time skips in some installments:
    • Dragon Quest III had the 'lamp of darkness' that instantly turned day to night.
    • In Dragon Quest VIII, you can stay at an inn until either sunset or sunrise, in case you wish to interact with NP Cs who only appear during the day or night.
  • In Deadly Premonition, York can smoke cigarettes to make time pass more quickly. Also, any bed will allow him to sleep for three, six, nine, or twelve hours at a time.
  • Mine Craft has a bed feature which can skip the night-time portion of a day cycle.
  • In Castlevania 64, the Sun and Moon cards can be used to advance the current time so you can (among other things) have certain timed encounters and battle vampires during the day when they're weaker.
  • The act of resting in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion allows the player to skip any amount of hours in-game.
  • Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas both have a "Wait" action.
  • Fable has the Golden Carrot and the Moonfish. Eating these will move the game time forward to morning and evening respectively.
  • In WolfQuest, you have the option to make your wolf sleep until a different time of day.
  • In the educational commercial transportation/geography PC game, Crosscountry USA, there was a feature that allowed you to "wait" any number of hours, automatically passing the in-universe clock to a later time.
  • In Skyrim, pressing select will put up a feature in which you decide how many hours you want to wait. The current time should be somewhere at the bottom-left corner of the box.
  • In the Endless Ocean games, a location is provided to allow the player to move rapidly to another time of day and forwards in time with regards to things like missions.
  • Xenoblade allows the player to skip to any time in-game by an option in the menu. This greatly helps to find the NPCs that show up at specific times for the loads and loads of sidequests.
  • In Chulip, sleeping would automatically put you at 8:00 in the morning the next day until you bought an alarm clock to awaken yourself at some other time.
  • Persona 3 and Persona 4 work like this, using time periods (i.e Evening, Afternoon) that can be skipped to.

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  • In The Last Stand 3: Union City, when your character finds a bed in a building you can sleep for a specific number of hours to increase your Sleep stat.
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