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3 lives stand between you and Game Over.

We have 1-Up, and Meaningless Lives, but we don't seem to have a trope about lives in video games.

Basically, lives in video games is one of the things standing between you and a Game Over. In a typical game you usually lose when when your your Life Meter runs out (or get hit when you are a One-Hit-Point Wonder), your time runs out, or you fall down a Bottomless Pit.

1-Up and One Up Sampo are how you gain extra lives. Meaningless Lives is when the lives are almost inconsequential to completion.

Classic Cheat Codes are often a way to gain extra, or infinite, lives.

Notable Uses:

  • Zelda II is the only game in the series to use lives.
  • The first Spyro the Dragon games used lives, but the later entries after Insomniac left the series, and Insomniac's own Ratchet & Clank, dropped lives in favor of just having you restart at checkpoints when you die.
  • Using the "Konami Code" in the NES version of Contra would give you thirty lives instead of 3.
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