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When a live-action TV show or movie takes on the type of actions you would see in a cartoon.
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Sometimes, a live-action TV show or movie starts doing cartoonish things, such as characters not getting injured or killed from something that would normally injure or kill someone, characters getting flattened, or characters engaging in over-the-top cartoon-style violence.

Not to be confused with Roger Rabbit Effect, which is when live-action or realistic characters interact with cartoon characters.


  • Animal House becomes this near the end.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is like a live-action comic book (after all, it is based off a comic book) and a cartoon, with written sound effects, text, and yelled-out lines appearing on-screen, video game elements occurring in the real world, the titular character not showing any injuries or pain from things that would normally injure someone in real life (i.e. thrown hundreds of feet into the air, thrown through walls, repeatedly kicked by stunt doubles, his head being slammed on a table, etc.), and more.
  • Disney's live-action adaptation of George of the Jungle takes this to ridiculous heights.
  • The Mask (the original, not the crappy sequel) manages to do this quite well.
  • Speed Racer
  • Kill Bill is like a live-action anime.
  • Just about anything directed by Mel Brooks, especially Blazing Saddles, which has many antics and sight gags similar to a Looney Tunes cartoon, no fourth wall, the villain drives off-set at the end, and more.
  • Hudson Hawk is basically like a live-action, Americanized, version of Lupin III. It has things such as using a skateboard to bypass museum security, using a fishing pole to swipe Leonardo Da Vinci's artwork, and the villains coming across as a comedic rogues' gallery.
  • Many of Frank Tashlin's works. After all, he did start off working for Looney Tunes.
  • The Villain was designed to be a live-action cartoon western.
  • The traps in the Home Alone movies are very cartoonish, and get more cartoonish in each new installment.

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