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Science Done Badly
Scientists don't follow the rules of their practice
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A spaceship manned with a scientifically capable crew lands on an alien planet. They know nothing about the atmosphere, possible life forms, or if there are any other dangers out there. Instead of scanning / scouting out the surface with robots or drones, they just get out and go exploring, possibly even taking off their life-preserving helmets!


An impossibly powerful ancient tablet is found. The fortunate archeologist recovers it from an old tomb that was never meant to be opened, maybe even pointing out the warnings scribbled all over it in hieroglyphs. Then his colleague walks in and reads out the unspeakable words unleashing the demons of hell.


A new life form is discovered by deep-sea biologists at the bottom of the Mariana trench. There is only one known specimen, and after the stressful ascent to the ocean surface, is near death. Instead of keeping it alive, a particularly curious scientist lets the creature out of its protective cage to play with it, leading to it die from exhaustion.

Basically, scientists that don't act like scientists. Rather than following their tried-and-true practices of taking samples and collecting readouts, they just blindly try stuff out - which of course leads to consequences that could have been avoided had they acted like actual scientists.

It's about scientists holding the IdiotBall throughout - not single actions, but rather their entire behavior makes the viewer doubt their capabilities as actual scientists.

Noticed this after watching Prometheus and Splice in short order. In Prometheus, the scientists act like children. A biologist (who should know better!) lets himself be killed by a creature that displays obviously threatening behavior, and a medical team decides to blow up an incredibly interesting artifact rather than taking samples, while in Splice, sexy time between our scientists is apparently more important than their work. At the lab. During office hours. There is no excuse for this!

Also I'm pretty sure I've noticed this in many more movies. Moments like this make you yell at the screen, going, "this is not how you do science!"

By the way, this is my first YKTTW submitted, so I have no idea if I'm doing this right.
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