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Hated Hometown
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"Oh, so you're from troperville? I'm going there next month, how is it?" "Hell on Earth."

When a character for whatever reason hates the place they grew up or were raised in. Maybe the people were jerks, maybe they disagreed philosophically, maybe they didn't like the smell. Whatever the reason, before or over the course of story they leave it, either to protect the townspeople's sorry asses or to get revenge, or because they were kicked out.

Small Town Boredom is a Sister Trope- this has a far more negative emotion involved and is often at a larger scale.

"A Star is Torn"
Homer: You [Lisa] and I are gonna write and sing our way out of this godforsaken hellhole.
Marge: But your song said you liked Springfield.
Homer: I wrote it about Shelbyville then changed the names.
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