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Malfunction-Risk Outfit
A Super Trope of clothing which can barely hold itself on the wearer.
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Created because of the debate on this page.

Is This Tropable? Needs a Better Title. As it stands now, this title would invite misuse.

Some clothing is designed to have no visible method of staying put and to invoke the idea that the wearer is willing to risk a Wardrobe Malfunction. For example, tops designed without straps and blouses with nothing holding it together in the center are designed this way not only because bare skin is sexy, but because it gives everyone in viewing distance the impression that the clothes can fall off or brush aside at any moment.

This trope also applies to short skirts, or short shorts or loincloths which risk showing a Panty Shot (or worse).

This does not include most forms of bikinis or bras. Outfits that have fasteners/straps/wrappings holding them together from the sides, top and bottom don't count. One or more of those things must be missing to qualify.

The Super Trope for Impossibly-Low Neckline, Dangerously Short Skirt or Magic Skirt.


Anime and Manga
  • The skirt of Jessie from Pokémon. Luckily, it's a kids show, so the logical conclusion will never happen.
    • In fact, Jessie is just the most recurring example. Many, many of the female characters on the show invoke this trope.

  • Starfire's classic costume has nothing holding on in the front. The back has more substance to it, but there's nothing holding to front together at all. Of course, Depending on the Artist, it's typically metal.
  • The Phantom Lady of DC Comics wears an monokini with nothing but two strips of cloth.

  • Princess Leia's slave outfit is fastened in the front, but the loincloth area is just waiting for a strong breeze to happen.

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