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What You Are When The Chips Are Down
When the going gets tough, your true colors show.
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So you know a caring, public-spirited individual. Or so you think. The you're both in trouble, and this person bails on you.

Or, you know someone you just don't like, and consider to be an unpleasant character. They may be a Jerkass, in fact. However, you're both in trouble and a jerk proves to have a heart of gold, someone scary turns out to be not so evil after all, etc.

There are a variety of reasons for why the appearance of good or evil either drops or is reinforced when there is trouble.

  • In The Dark Knight, The Joker sets up a scenario with two ferry boats: one carrying civilians, the other carrying convicts. He tells them that if anyone flees their boat or if both boats still exist at midnight, he will blow both boats to Kingdom Come. But if one of them blows the other up, he will spare that boat. A prisoner takes the detonator on the ship he's on and throws it out a porthole. On the other ferry, a businessman considers blowing up the prisoners but decides against it in the end. That, plus Batman's intervention when the Joker is about to blow the boats up, saves both boats.

Live Action Television
  • Davros pulls one on the Doctor in Journey's End.

Real Life
  • One's final moments are often very telling about one's true character.
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