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Plagiarism Lawsuit Bait
An idea so obvious that it's never used, for fear of the deluge of lawsuits filed against the writer.
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Back in the days when TV shows accepted unsolicited scripts, a situation came about where a certain idea was submitted so many times that the show writers couldn't use it, for fear of being hit with a plagiarism lawsuit. J. Michael Straczynski discusses this in his book on Scriptwriting, using the case of an episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye would be forced to operate on Trapper John to save his life.

This trope still tends to rear its ugly-head when an idea is so common among fandom that the writers won't use it out of a sense of professional pride. (For example, having Wipeout or Leech use their powers on Rogue so she could have sex with Gambit.)
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