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Cut Connection Calling
A disconnected phone rings, causing confusion or fear.
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Previously named Cut Line Calling

Phone calls can be scary. If you have a normal phone or cell anyone with your number can call you - and even if you answer, you may never know who the person on the other end is, or if they mean well.

Sometimes however, the fact that the phone is ringing at all is enough to cause concern. Perhaps you're out of range or battery, or the phone isn't plugged in. Either way, you know before picking up that something is going on.

Can be a result of Electromagnetic Ghosts or Clarke's Third Law. Compare Evil Phone.

Sub-Trope(?) to It Won't Turn Off.


  • On the TV show Supernatural in the episode "Long Distance Call" this happens when the phone keeps ringing even after the plug has been pulled.
  • Happens repeatedly in the Doctor Who episode "The Empty Child".
    • Also happens in Jekyll, which is by the same writer.
  • Seen in one episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • This is what causes Karen Eiffel to realize her writing is affecting the real world in Stranger Than Fiction.
  • The Twilight Zone in episode "Night Call" and "Long Distance Call".
  • A classic scene in Silent Hill has Harry receive a phone call from his daughter, only to find the phone was disconnected the whole time.
  • There's a variation on this in Bruce Almighty in which God does this to the main character's pager, which continues working even after it gets broken.
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