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World Of Hats
A setting in which most if not all characters wear a Nice Hat
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Most human cultures have a dress code. In a World in which the dresscode includes the Nice Hat as a sign of maturity and badassery, it can quickly become a World of Hats, in which many if not all characters wear a Nice Hat to make them more badass.

Truth in Television for many periods and cultures such as The Roaring Twenties. This trope is usually invoked only for men. The Femme Fatale often also wears a Nice Hat to appear more mysterious and subversive.

A signature element of Film Noir, which is a World of Fedora.

Not to be confused with Planet of Hats. A literal Planet of Hats is a World Of Hats IN SPACE, as in the case of the Trope Namer, but not every Planet of Hats is a World Of Hats.


Anime and Manga


Live Action Television

  • Country music as a whole is a World Of Hats.

Real Life
  • Many religious elites during their meetings. The Vatican loves Nice Hats.
  • During wars, for protection.

Video Games
  • Most role-play games, either as Rule of Cool or as protective device.
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