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Dogs Love Fire Hydrants
Dogs in fiction have a fascination with fire hydrants.
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In fiction, it seems to be assumed that dogs have a kind of fascination or obsession with fire hydrants, loving them almost as much as they love bones and chasing cats. Though not always stated outright the fact that they enjoy marking their territory on them is rarely denied, even if it means Getting Crap Past the Radar. Some works take the obsession to the next level, however, without mentioning this tendency.


  • One ad for Disney's Aladdin game for the Sega console has one boy claim to two associates that he has completed the game with two wishes left unused. One associate challenges him to prove that statement. The second associate is instantly transformed into a dog. Then the challenger is transformed into a fire hydrant. The dog pointedly notices this.
  • The old ABC Saturday Morning "We'll be Right Back" Ad Bumpers sometimes featured a claymation dog sniffing a sapient fire hydrant, only to be hosed down.

Newspaper Comic
  • In one Far Side comic, an alien species--that just happens to resemble fire hydrants--comes to Earth. One of these aliens reports to his superiors how his first contact with a dog went: "I asked him to take me to his leader, and what happened next was horrible!"

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • In an episode of Rocko's Modern Life, Rocko is talked into buying his dog Spunky a hi-tech fire hydrant-shaped dog bowl.
  • At the end of the Ren and Stimpy episode "Fire Dogs", the pair are given an award shaped like a hydrant. The last shot is a line of dogs waiting to relieve themselves on it.
  • In one of the Tex Avery MGM Cartoons starring George and Lennie as dog catchers, they dress as fire hydrants to attract a dog they've been trying to catch. They end up being chased by every dog in town.
    • In the first Droopy cartoon, he walks behind a hydrant, and after a brief pause, walks out with a look of embarrassment on his face.
  • When J. P. Gottrockets wins custody of The Jetsons' dog Astro as his long-lost dog Tralfaz, he offers Tralfaz a living area littered with doggie bones and fire hydrants.

  • This fridge magnet by artist Gary Patterson. (In case someone can't access the link, it depicts a dog approaching a fire hydrant that has an "out of order" sign on it, as in a restroom.)

Real Life
  • In big cities where there aren't many upright objects like trees, dogs do mark their territory on fire hydrants, but will just as likely use a telephone pole or something else. Plus if a dog has urinated there already, another will also do so to show its dominance.
  • Fake fire hydrant lawn statues are sold to give people's pet dogs a place to do their business.
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