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Society Of Immortals
A species or civilization where all members are immortal.
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Who Wants to Live Forever?, right? Everyone you know and love will age and die without you, leaving you sad and alone.

Unless, of course, everyone is immortal.

This is when immortality is granted on a large scale: to an entire civilization, or at the very least a village. Species that are naturally immortal (such as elves, usually) fall under this as well. As such, this can sidestep some of the problems inherent to immortality, as mentioned above. Expect outsiders to try and discover their secret. If the civilization still considers itself Blessed with Suck, they will probably try to deter this. They are likely to be a Hidden Elf Village if so.

Their source of immortality may be a large or mass-produced Immortality Inducer. If their immortality involves Immortality Immorality, may overlap with Town with a Dark Secret. There's also the question of what type of immortality the civilization has. Regardless, Immortal Procreation Clause is likely to be in effect.


Anime and Manga
  • Digimon never really die naturally, or at all for that matter (depending on the season of course).


Live Action TV
  • The Q Continum from Star Trek has a bunch of immortal people, all pretty satsified with it. Most of them can't have kids, but one of them did.
  • The Land of Immortals in the second Spellbinder series.
  • The Time Lords have near-immortality; if not killed, their natural lifespan, including regenerations, lasts thousands of years.
  • Highlander is about a race of immortals. As long as you don't cut off their heads, they just keep on living and never seem to age.

Tabletop RPGs
  • The Dungeons & Dragons campaign world of Mystara had the Immortals, who filled the role in that world that the gods filled in other campaign worlds. They were numerous enough, however, to qualify for this trope.
  • The Rolemaster setting Shadow World had immortal elves, fauns, Lennai, titans and K'ta'viiri.

Video Games

Real Life

Web Original
  • For unspecified reasons, inhabitants of Fallen London all have type III immortality. Disease and old age can still kill them, though, and apparently they can't come back if someone desecrates them really thoroughly, either.
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