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Layered Gameplay
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Hold on a moment, I'm working on the description. But here's an important one for video games!

A game that consists of two or more different types of gameplay. The typical example is a strategy game that's about empire-building and resource management, but which moves onto the battlefield when armies meet.

zooms in on the battlefield and

See also Mini-Game and Game Within a Game. We'll have to come up with a way to tell the difference, but it's clear enough that Layered Gameplay is A Thing, and that X-Com and pals wouldn't fit into those tropes.

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Other Turn-Based Strategy
  • The X-Com series and its derivatives. Interceptor did a lackluster job of combining management with space combat.
  • The Total War series.
  • Star Control, a simple space strategy game that turns into Spacewar! when battle starts.
  • One early-nineties space game took this to its logical conclusion and allowed resolving boarding actions in a squad combat game by the same company.
  • The Heroes of Might and Magic series.
    • The Disciples series.
  • Theatre Europe, a war-game with arcade
  • Star Wars: Empire at War and its expansion, Forces of Corruption'.

Role-Playing Game
  • King's Bounty, a precursor of Heroes of Might and Magic, which has the battle system but its strategy section is more of a "strolling around, killing things" section.
  • King's Bounty: The Legend and King's Bounty: Armored Princess, which furnish the overworld with quests, equipment and what not.

  • Archon: The Light and the Dark, a 1983 game that looks a lot like chess, but instead of capturing, pieces enter a battle arena for a franctic duel to the death. The color of the square gives a health boost to one side, and many of the squares change color over time, adding a whole new dimension to territory control. It's simple (most pieces just have a single, ranged attack) but was ported to just about everything, and still has fans today.
    • Archon 2: Adept, which features an element-themed board and revolves around power squares. Power squares generate mana, which pays for spells and for placing and maintaining pieces.
    • Archon 3: Exciter, a fan creation which we don't talk about.
    • Archon: Ultra, a 1994 remake known for being dull: the vast, isometric arena turns joystick-breaking action into attrition, and doesn't really support being able to aim.
    • Dark Legions, a 1994 Spiritual Successor which adds traps and magic items. Every unit type has some kind of niftiness, like creating One-Hit-Point Wonder copies of enemy pieces or turning killed enemies into zombies. Unfortunately it lacks depth and ends up being one battle after another.
    • The Unholy War, a 1998 Spiritual Successor for the Playstation, said to suffer from unbalanced sides.
    • Archon: Conquest (2009) and Archon Classic (2010), which add a campaign mode, problems, and that sort of fluff.
  • Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters, an RPG/adventure that kept the first game's Spacewar! combat scenes. Star Control III is a crippled version of the same.
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