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Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma

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Sometimes, a particular grammar or usage glitch will drive a reader straight out of the text he is reading. These are some of these glitches.

Named for Sam Vimes' description of one of the distinguishing features of Captain Carrot's writing.


  • Overuse of commas is bad, but to some readers, nothing drives them up the wall quite like NO COMMAS WHATSOEVER. It sounds like the author is speaking without pause going on and on and on and on giving no hint of when a pause in speech is happening and destroying what logical flow exists in the text making it impossible to follow.
  • A minor pet peeve of mine, and an error whose commonness almost makes itself a trope, is using the abbreviation "i.e." to mean "for example". This is wrong, wrong, wrong. "e.g." means "for example". i.e. means "That is". The two are completely different. Would you say, for example, "Would you say, that is, [something]"?
  • Said Bookism. 'nuff said.

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