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Wannabe Action Girl
Character wants to be the hero, but is unskilled.
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Despite the name, a Unisex Trope.

So you have this character. She's eager to be a hero and fight for what she believes in. She's brave, she's noble...and she has absolutely no combat skill.

But she isn't a Faux Action Girl, or an Action Girl suffering chickification, because the story recognizes that she can't fight very well, and never could. She may Take a Level in Badass with some training, but for now, she is just a character who wants to save the day, but doesn't have the skills or strength to do it.

A Wannabe Action Girl often has a heroic, Hot-Blooded personality. They may be a Reckless Sidekick, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Leroy Jenkins or a Hero-Worshipper. Very likely to have Jumped at the Call.
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