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I was thinking about The Monster Mash. The X-Files is perhaps the best example for television where because one paranormal thing is true, all (or at least many) paranormal things are true even when they come from different origins. So not only are there really aliens, there are ghosts, vampires, werewolves, sea monsters, superhuman mutants of all sorts, unknown species of malignant creatures, magic, and so on. (As an aside, I always wanted to see the X-Files episode where the aliens do arrive for colonization only to get wailed on by the assorted other monsters of the week who get annoyed about the people coming into their turf.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer was another example, albeit not as bad, where in addition to the magical baddies she had to deal with science fictional intelligent androids. Compare this to, for instance, the various Star Trek series, Stargate or Babylon 5 where the "magical" aspects are Sufficiently Advanced tech or the Sufficiently Advanced Alien. They aren't "real" magic.

It's common enough in comics and the superhero genre with Thor, Doctor Strange and the X-Men going up against Count Dracula, Ultron and the Skrulls.
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