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Trainside Apartment
An apartment whose window overlooks elevated train tracks.
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Seen It a Million Times.

What's the foremost sign that you're living in a really cheap urban apartment? Every time the L train passes, the whole building shakes. Look out your window, and the 2:05 by goes by. It can make sleeping pretty difficult. But hey, at least it has a view!

  • In The Blues Brothers, Elwood takes Jake to his tiny room in a broken-down flophouse. Aside from the fact that there's no room to move, the Chicago "L" passes by ever time the window is shown.
  • In the 30 Rock episode "Rosemary's Baby", Liz discovers that her role model Rosemary lives in a rat-infested apartment in "Little Chechnya", and when she looks at the window, a train goes by.
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