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Cluster Name Bomb

When characters' names are overused in the first few episodes of a show, to familiarize the viewer with them.

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So you've just tuned into a new show in the middle of its run. You decide it's cool, and you want to go back and watch some early episodes. Cue dialogue similar to this:

Alice: Bob, come here and help me put up this poster!
Bob: Sure thing, Alice! Just a second!
Alice: All right, Bob. Hey, Bob, grab the tape while you're over there.

This trope arises when characters' names are noticeably overused in speech, even when it doesn't flow with the dialogue, in the first episode of a show to make the names stick to the viewer's head. In particularly exaggerated examples, this can last weeks or even through the whole season.

Compare Intro Dump, which is when names of an ensemble cast are presented in succession.


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