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There's A New Hero In Town
The Hero is temporarily replaced by a new guy who seems to get the job done faster and easier
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Usually once in The Hero's career, a new guy comes into town with intent to take his place as Home Town Hero. Often, the new hero will prove to be more efficient in fighting bad guys, thus the town will cheer for the new guy while the Hero becomes yesterday's news, resulting in the hero taking a 10-Minute Retirement. However, it won't last long. Whether it's a catastrophe the new hero can't handle or the new hero turning out to be a villain who wanted to drive the hero away, something will happen that will result in the hero snapping out of his funk, pulling his cape off the hanger, and returning to save the day.

Sometimes, the new hero accomplishes his daring feats through Engineered Heroics and is a Fake Ultimate Hero. Compare/Contrast Always Some One Better. Related to Make Way for the New Villains.


Comic Books
  • Deadshot's first appearance in Batman comics was this. He appeared as a super-efficient new vigilante who was wiping out crime in Gotham City. He was actually removing all his competition so he could take over.
  • In 52, Booster Gold tries to become Superman's replacement after the latter's temporary retirement, but is soon overshadowed by the mysterious Supernova, who is much better at superheroing and has a cleaner record.
  • Deconstructed with the Nineties Anti-Hero and The Dark Age of Comic Books in Kingdom Come. Although the new generation of heroes has been willing to kill (Something their predecessors would never do) and have effectively ended crime, they bring about a problem much worse than supervillains: their own reckless civil wars, equally capable of devastating entire cities.
    • Most blatant of these is Magog, who publicly called Superman outdated by adhering to his no-killing code. However, this doesn't help when the people who supported these heroes who kill died in the Kansas explosion.

Animated Films
  • Sheriff Woody finds himself displaced as Andy's favorite toy by Buzz Lightyear in Pixar's Toy Story. They end up best buds.

Live Action Tv
  • In one episode of Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue, a new general takes over Lightspeed and brings with him cyborg rangers, forcing the human rangers to turn in their morphers. However, during a battle with a lightning monster, the cyborgs' circuitry ends up getting fried and they start attacking innocent people. Thus, the rangers are given back their morphers to take down the cyborgs and the monster. Afterwards, the general apologizes for his interference, saying he underestimated the rangers.
  • In an episode of Smallville, Booster Gold arrives and starts hamming it up as the new hero in town, but Clark ultimately shows him the error of his ways.
  • When Gaius Baltar is elected President of the Colonial Fleet (unseating Laura Roslin) in Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined), he gives the people what they want (and elected him for) and settles the fleet on New Caprica. A year later with the Cylon occupation of that planet and Baltar's collaboration with them, most of the Colonials view his Presidency as a disaster. In a deal with Baltar's VP Tom Zarek (who had resigned that office rather than cooperate with the Cylon occupation), Laura Roslin reassumes the Presidency upon exodus from New Caprica.
  • In The Sarah Jane Adventures episode "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith", Ruby White appears to be Sarah Jane, only younger and more efficient, and even has her own version of Mr Smith. She turns out to be a monster feeding off Sarah Jane's life force.

Western Animation
  • In the TaleSpin episode "From Here To Machinery", a Jerk Ass professor invents a robotic pilot called the Auto Aviator. Despite his best efforts, Baloo loses a race to the machine and Sher Khan signs a contract with the professor to build 1,000 of the robots, causing his old pilots to lose their jobs and all businesses to fail. However, the pirates decide to take advantage of the Auto Aviator's style of flying in a straight line and attack Sher Khan's plane. When the professor finds that his machine refuses to deviate from the path and get them out of danger, Sher Khan radios for help, to which Baloo answers. Not only does Baloo save Sher Khan from the pirates, but Sher Khan 'convinces' the professor to give back his money in exchange for the robots, thus giving all pilots their jobs back.
  • In the Grand Finale of Danny Phantom, Vlad creates a new team of ghost fighters called Masters' Blasters. The new team proves better at catching ghosts and humiliate Danny at every turn, to the point where he decides to give up his powers. However, when a humongous asteroid that was released due to the first battle of the episode threatens Earth, no one can stop it and Vlad deliberately makes the Blasters (and Jack) fail at trying to destroy it so that he can save the day and become ruler of the earth. When that fails, Danny comes up with a plan to turn the entire planet intangible. In the process of gaining every ghost's help, Danny regains his powers and saves the planet.
  • Happens in The Powerpuff Girls with a classical Flying Brick named Major Man. However, it eventually proves that he's running a scam, as all of the threats that he defused were set up. Doing some Engineered Heroics of their own with a monster Major can't handle, the Girls are able to save the day and regain the town's favor.
  • "Inspector Gadget's Last Case", where the 'new hero in town' is really Doctor Claw using a special disguising serum to pretend to be an Ace-like crime-fighter who forces Gadget to retire.
  • The very first episode of The Real Ghostbusters had a trio of ghosts disguising themselves as human exterminators calling themselves "Ghosts 'R' Us", to eventually drive the Ghostbusters out of business by answering all ghost calls first. It helps that they were the ones who staged each attack they answered.
  • The original penultimate episode of Kim Possible featured Team Impossible ordering Kim and her team to stop fighting supervillains as it was cutting into their profit margin. To ensure that Kim wouldn't get in the way anymore, they bribed away all the people who gives her lifts. However, Kim, with the aid of a ticked off Wade, convinced Team Impossible to go nonprofit.
  • In Loonatics Unleashed, Drake Sypher steals all the powers of the Loonatics to become Acmetropolis's new superhero. Turns out, all his heroics were done to publicly undo his secret villainy.
  • The second episode involving Venom in Ultimate Spider-Man is this trope. A black-suited Spider-Man appears which is more physically powerful than Spidey and people like more (even Jonah Jameson likes him), and this leaves Spidey more than a little distraught... especially because the 'black suit' is the Symbiote, and sure enough it possesses its host Harry Osborn by the third act of the episode, forcing Spidey to fight him.
    • Another example appears on The Spectacular Spider-Man, with J. Jonah Jameson's son John getting superpowers. Nice enough guy, very competent, wants to help Spidey... driven insane by his powers on the third act, Spidey fights him, and ends the episode becoming a powerless, catatonic patient on some hospital as a side-effect of his forceful depowering.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", the titular hero appears just as Rainbow Dash has become a local hero and has been letting the attention get to her head. The Mare Do Well is eventually revealed to be Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Fluttershy assuming a Collective Identity to deflate Rainbow's ego a bit.

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