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Brats with Slingshots
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When you need to weaponize a child in fiction, you give them a slingshot. It is always in the classic Y-shape and preferably made out of a single piece of wood. Despite the fact that it is a weapon, parents have no problem letting their kids wander around the neighbourhood picking off cans and squirrels with these things (presumably because slingshots are relatively weak). Somehow, even though they are so weak, they can be quite effective against enemies.

The Weapon of Choice of the Bratty Half-Pint and other Youngsters, probably because it allows them some means of defense without any risk of them actually killing someone. If the kid is any kind of effective with one of these, it's likely due to Improbable Aiming Skills.


  • Dennis the Menace (the US Version) is probably the Trope Codifier, though the better-known Bart Simpson owes a lot to him.
  • The UK version of Dennis the Menace also uses a slingshot.
  • In Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the weapon you start out with as Young Link is a slingshot. This qualifies, because it's a weak weapon that you eventually ditch as you grow as a character/warrior.
  • The murder weapon in the Lord Peter Wimsey novel Murder Must Advertise is a slingshot of this sort that was confiscated from the kid in question. Peter later enlists the kid's help in finding the murderer.
  • Appears a lot in Kids Next Door.
  • Veronica Lodge's bratty cousin Leeroy was often wielding one.

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