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Damage Sponge Boss
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All the strategy you need for a boss like this.

The absolutely most basic type of boss monster in a video game, generally a standard mook with much higher health than normal, attacks that cause lots of damage and usually larger and slower than normal mooks. Generally makes no attempt to block or evade the player's offenses, so no special strategies required - just attack it until it dies or if you want to get really fancy, circlestrafe it. Can be considered the antithesis of a Puzzle Boss. Mostly prevailent in the FPS genre, but can also show up in other genres - even RPGs if the designers were uninspired enough. King Mook bosses usually tend to be this trope. Possibly related to The Ogre.

Named after an industry term for this type of boss, whose main attribute is that they can soak up damage like a sponge absorbs water. Former YKTTW names include Cyberdemon Boss and Brute Force Boss.

Needs a Better Description, Do We Have This One?, probably Needs a Better Title, Up for Grabs.

  • The Cyberdemon boss from Doom is one of the more memorable examples - he takes a lot of hits, shoots rockets at the player, and is defeated by circlestrafing and shooting. The same goes for just about every other boss in the original Doom games, including the Bruiser Brothers and the Spider Mastermind.
  • Any given boss in Painkiller has a 50% chance of being either this or a Puzzle Boss.
  • The Nihilanth in Half-Life provides a cruel example of combining this with Puzzle Boss: you have to jump through a set of hoops just to unlock the path up to his Weak Spot, then you have to do a ridiculous (as in "use up all the ammo of all your weapons, including rocket launchers") amount of damage to it to finish the game. Oh, and did I mention you have to do this in mid-air? This boss is so notoriously difficult that the most common approach to beating him (after turning on cheats) is to maneuver yourself so that you get stuck in his head, then hitting the weak spot repeatedly with your crowbar.
  • Izual from Diablo II is legendary for this trope. Despite his scary appearance, the fallen angel doesn't do much beyond a couple of basic attacks--most characters can just stand there and attack him until the hitpoints are gone.
  • Every boss ever in MapleStory.
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