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All Military is the Army

Characters in different branches of the service act like they're in the Army.

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Sometimes in fiction, when you have characters in certain other branches of the service, such as the Air Force, or even the Marines, based on their conversations and dialogue, you would think that they think they are in the Army. It could be because when audiences see military personnel on the screen, Army is the first thing that comes to their minds; or, it could be the writers simply not getting their facts straight. Either way, it's a noticeable fluke.


Live Action TV
  • Hogan's Heroes is a big offender of this: all of the main characters are in their respective nations' Air Forces - Hogan, Kinchloe, and Carter in the United States Air Force; Klink and Schultz in the Luftwaffe (Germany's Air Force); LeBeau in the French Air Force; and Newkirk in the Royal Air Force - yet they often refer to themselves, and each other, as soldiers rather than airmen (Hogan once even remarks on, "Those flyers" when a bomber group was shot down and sent to Stalag 13), and talk as if they're in the Army. Kinchloe's uniform is actually that of a foot soldier's, rather than a bomber or a paratrooper.
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