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Spider Cave
Level with only one type of enemy, usually spider/bug, prone to zerg rushing
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The bane of arachnophobic gamers everywhere. You go through missions fighting varied hordes of enemies, until you're told a cave needs to be cleared, or a facility has been overrun by some Australia-grade wildlife. You're about to experience a Spider Cave.

Despite the name it doesn't have to involve spiders, merely any sort of abnormally sized bug or insect. Spiders are just the most commonly used type. The common traits are:

  1. They have mostly melee attacks, sometimes poison based attacks.
  2. In shooters they tend to stay below line of sight, for easier ambushes and jump scares.
  3. They are fast and hard to hit, but go down fairly easily.
  4. They attack in huge numbers.
  5. They are very creepy.

Spider Caves usually have no other type of enemy or very little of them. Aside from the obvious reasons, they tend to be disliked due to repetitiveness, lack of variety and enemies being Goddamn Bats.


  • Lair Of The Blind Ones in Turok 2.
  • In Diablo 2 there are some with actual spiders in Act 3. Act 2 has numerous ones featuring desert wildlife. Including one with Scarab Demons, who fit the trope name for a different reason.
  • Fallout series
    • The locations "Ant Mound", "Scorpion Burrow (and Scorpion Canyon)" and "Cazador Nest" on Fallout: New Vegas.
    • The quest "They!" on Fallout 3.
  • Gaia Online zOMG's Hive World qualifies. It's an instance where a portal drops the players in a cave and wave after wave of enormous alien bugs attack and it only ends when everyone in the party dies.

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