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Auto Recharging Magic
Magic that restores itself over time.
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This is when Mana, or a similar special power, recharges itself over time, whether it's magic points (or tech points, or psychic points, etc.) being restored or spell and special attack uses being restored.

The exact form can vary wildly. Sometimes the recharge can happen anywhere, sometimes it requires walking around, sometimes it requires standing still, sometimes it requires an item equipped, and sometimes the recharge only happens in certain spots.

This does not preclude magic also being restored by a healing area or item, but those tend to heal a greater amount than this trope, to make up for them not being as readily accessible.

A Sister Trope to Magic Restoing Item, Regenerating Health, Gradual Regeneration.

Compare Trauma Inn, Healing Spring, Healing Checkpoint.


  • Special attacks in Xenoblade automatically recharge after using, although the more powerful ones take longer to recharge.
  • In Brave Story New Traveller for the PSP, attacking enemies normally restores BP for spells and special attacks.
  • In Final Fantasy XII, walking around restores magic points. So it encourages running in circles in fights, even when it doesn't give any dodging bonuses.
  • In at least the first Persona, in at least the PSP remake, walking around restored magic points.
  • In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Coded, each spell would recharge itself after being cast.
  • In some Castlevania games, magic would restore over time. Some games would have an equippable item that sped up the restoration.
  • In Crystalis, equipping Deo's Pendant gradually restores MP when the player stands still.
  • The Mana Meter in some of the Elder Scrolls games gradually restores itself.
  • The ink bottles in Ōkami refill themselves gradually.
  • In Vagrant Story, magic and health restore a point every few seconds.
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